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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sunday afternoon

Didn't do to much today especially outside as it's still hot hot hot.
Will water plants in a few after I eat dinner.    I browned in olive oil and little bacon fat drippings ( used the bacon in the pot roast) .   Then made a little thickening which turned a pretty brown and then a can of tomato sauce.  Placed my small red skins I purchased at Pole Green produce yesterday along with carrots, mushrooms and spices.  I didn't use onion today nor celery.  Tastes good now after cooking about 4 hours in a dutch oven in the oven.   
Meat carrots and redskins in the skin  - yummm

Had to have bread

Put some flour in a bowl,  sugar, salt and rapid rise yeast.
poured water with olive oil in and mixed it up - worked a few minutes til it looked right and bounced back when pressed with finger.

I put a little oil in a dish and sprinkled corn meal on the bottom,  let rise and cook at 350 til done - can always tell.

No milk nor eggs in the dough.   Taste so good with a mixture of butter and garlic 
slathered on top while warm.

Yep those two big slices are mine.

A few flowers in a pitcher I picked today to leave you with
Happy Sunday

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

little cloudy

I am doing some painting, starting with the grandchildrens bedroom upstairs.
The paint color is what I call an icy blue.    I wanted to do something a little different with the ceiling and don't think I want to do it again.

little grainy but you get the idea

Now to finish cleaning the floor and attaching a valance and some sort of shade or curtain

Oh yes,  have the beds put back because they are spending the night with us tonight.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


I knew it was going to rain today and chance of thunderstorms ,  but didn't think it would rain this hard.
Pictures taken later this evening with my cell phone and are a little grainy.  
Still you can see LOTS of rain.
taken from porch door

It was getting dark and I had to lighten picture

Hope we are still afloat in the morning

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Donkey smile

When on a visit to Crump Manor in Henrico Va.  about two months ago.   Addy was so proud to have petted the Donkey as she used to be a little afraid of him
I can see she is a little leery

Love this Donkey smile -  she did it and as we were leaving,  she said she wanted to ask her dad to get her one.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Update to my "Saturday" post previous

Have been asked what recipe I use for Lavender Ice Cream by several and I want to post the site here.
I got to loving it when I heard about it in the movie " It's Complicated",  love that movie.
I added a little honey with mine and left out a little sugar.  I am always tweaking recipes a little and I love honey with lavender like in the cookies , so I put it in the ice cream too.
Heat the honey with the lavender buds and strain into mixture.   I also have used dried lavender I grow and use very little or it can be to strong.

Here is the site I found it on

Saturday, June 10, 2017


Lots of work to be done in our yard.   Little scrub oaks and pines starting to come up under the azaelas and they are about two inches tall.   Acorns dropping from trees next door rooted themselves there.   No fun.
A few things blooming right now and not as much as last year at this time.
But a little color anyway.
Black eyed Susan and Tick seed flower I heard the orange one called.

few lavender sprigs
I will be making some Lavender ice cream later this evening

A few lavender sprigs picked laid upon placemats that I purchased at the Christmas tree shops for a dollar a piece.
asst. flowers from outside
The yellow orange ones have just started blooming well.

A pie I made that the recipe is all over the place for this one. It's called copy cat shoney's strawberry pie.  It called for 1 box of  of  dry strawberry jello but I only used 1/2 box,  would have been way to sweet for me with a whole box.  I put the crust in the oven for a few minutes to harden a little,  a ready made graham cracker crust instead of a ready made regular pie crust.   Worked well.

 A pretty little handmade angel I purchased at "classic touches" in Amelia Virginia.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Yard flowers

Some flower pictures taken from my yard.  I don't have many this year -  too busy but took time to plant a few
I don't know what this is called but comes back every year

volunteer pansies

Nasturtiums in the window pots

Here is that white flower again

I always plant Nasturtium as I like them in my salads.

I am liking the colors deep inside the flower

Had to have a dandelion for my plants

I planted these but don't recall what they are.  I really need to start marking the names on some little plant stakes

Adalyn Graduation Day

There was a graduation party at Adalyns school and I am sharing a few hi lites of the event.
Waiting patiently for sister - our little jabber jaws,  she just loves to chit chat.

while waiting - Genevieve wanted to take a few pictures and here is one of grass and 
this one genevieve focused on the happy running feet.  

Here they come

Adalyn ( long brown hair in 2nd row)  is looking for her Mom and other familiar faces

I didn't get the actual shot of her getting her certificate but took movie clip instead

below is what the teacher was reading as she walked to shake hands with teachers

Here she comes

Little sisters who love each other very much

lil sweeties

next giving Opa a hug and her mommy

hot dogs, pretzels and baked beans with cupcakes
You see that Opa makes sure he gets in line.

Skipwith Academy Montessori School - Fine school I must say

One of her most favorite animals

there are vegetable gardens the  children tend to

Another picture taken by Genevieve - I guess this is just a little peek into what she sees in her world day to day.  Not sure what type of photographer she will be but she seems to like  pictures of shoes.  
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