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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Happy Thursday

Had another root canal today with temporary cap.  Not happy with the cost by no means.  Wow.
Anyhow a few things around the home here and one is  I am having a coffee to see if it will take the tickle out of my lip that is still numb and scratching it does no good at all, the warmth seems to help.

I have enough for another cup in the pot.  The piece was given to me by my daughter who purchased it at the gift shop when we toured the White House of the Confederacy in Richmond Va.
A copy of the china pattern I believe  that was used at the time.  

I must say when I pulled into our garage, I was a little startled with this in my face from inside my car. Kinda scary looking.

It's a tin sculpture of Olaf from the kids show "Frozen".   Steve had to get it from Lavender Fields Herb Garden in Glen Allen Va.  He was half off and we will put him at the play house soon.

I have some zinnias drying in the garage as well

The shadows say fall and just we are just about there

This hummingbird vine has climbed to the bell at the top of the pole.  Hummers love the little flowers.

Later this evening I will be going to visit Sherwin Williams store to finish painting our bedroom. The ceiling I like painting better than the walls.  I am going to take down the curtains, putty up around them and then rehang. 
The little stained glass  I made a couple years ago. The sun comes through it nicely early in the morning.
I will retire this paper medallion I made two years ago.  
Something different above the bed.
Bedspread I found at a thrift store for 8 dollars a few weeks ago.  It is a full but it works fine on a queen bed like this because of the bed skirt not shown here.

 I finally finished and so glad.  I am ready to start another one now.
I had this frame that was painted a dark color.  I lightened it up with gold paint.  I purchased the plastic beads from dollar tree which were originally red and glued  to the frame and painted them also.

Now to figure  out where to hang it.

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Good Saturday

Earlier this morning the sun shining and the air feels good for a change.  Little breeze and no humidity, well so far anyway.
My coffee enjoyed outside the porch where I put my little bistro table and chairs.  Herons Pirouette blooming so nicely beside me.

Now back to making a mess with these pinecones I am painting and affixing to a wreath form.  I really have many other things to do but not in the mood for work right now.

Friday, September 6, 2019

A day at Colonial Beach Va.

Steve and I took a ride to Colonial Beach Thursday.  Overcast and little windy due to the storm coming but a nice day trip.  Lunch at High Tides restaurant on the beach.  Delicious! Steve had grouper with fries but our shared appetizer was steamed shrimp and crab soup in a tomato base.  Love the food at this place.  Great service too.
Remnants of our appetizer soup and steamed shrimp, well actually there isn't any to speak of.  Delicious!

Grouper dog

Flounder and no way did we eat all of the fries.  Delicious and not salty at all.

I just like the light fixture and the glow it casts.

Looking out, you can see the water is a little high

A good and much needed walk on the beach after lunch.

Short clip of the surf

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