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Saturday, June 30, 2018

My comment section is working again

Thank you to Cynthia at   "I'm Retired  for sharing information on how to get comments to work again on blogger!    .....  Betsy

Grand daughters posing with new glasses.

Adalyn - wearing two pairs of glasses.

Happy Saturday

 91 degrees at 2:00 and love it.   I just finished watering for the 2nd time around and in process of setting out some more flowers that have been growing from seeds in the pots.

Purchased some fresh local snap beans and yes, we call them snaps. Mom always did.  They are fresh and do snap when taking off the ends.

A walk outside to check on the sunflowers.  So pretty and have a nice light fragrance.

Reaching for the sun

Yes indeedy.  The sheets were hung out today to dry.  This is across our driveway to side yard.  I don't mind a bit hanging them out.  I don't care if others around her do either.  

The lavender plant is still producing lavender wands as I call them.  I have picked so many already for sachets.

Swamp hibiscus with quite a few buds.  I have been drowning the beetles in soapy water that love to feed on them and it has cut down the population as I do not see as many these past few days.

Back to work I go

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Vacation week

Last week started with a visit to Myrtle beach South Carolina to stay a few days with grand girls and Son and his wife. 
Was a fine home not far from the beach and the end we stayed on was quiet unlike the south end where all of the shopping mostly is and boardwalk.  Very crowded.   Liked the idea of a short drive there and then back to the peaceful area we stayed.

Kids ready for the sun. 

Our bedroom downstairs had this nice living area with t.v. and one upstairs as well.

Tis true for me

early breakfast of cereal

Right after breakfast the girls would hit the pool first with their mom

Nice front porch.  I am on the opposite in the rocker taking pictures.  Beautiful weather the whole time we were here.

My camera was foggy from being in the air condition and not adjusted to the outside air when I snapped this of Steve heading to the beach.  I like the way the picture looks.

Sounds of the beach.  I miss it.

Here the girls find Angel Wings.

A storm was brewing and we were heading back to the golf cart to get to the house in time.  You can see the sky is very dark ahead.  Genevieve is running.

She is running for the cart until she spots another shell and starts coming back.  Not good.

few last sounds 

Have more to share later.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Morning pics

Returned Friday from a week long vacation and much needed I should say.   Will have some photos of that later.   But upon returning I see the plants thrived well while I was gone.  Glad that it rained several times or they would have been in trouble.
I am now just catching up with new posts from everyone.

Sunflowers I started from seed few  months back have grown like weeds. 
I like planting them here as I can view them from upstairs window.

Planter with peppers and patio tomatoes are also doing well.  Okra coming along nicely in the planter.

These small planting areas have gone crazy with growth.  Crowded but I have picked several cukes.  The squash in here are blooming.

This squash is in our front yard.  I love the large leaves.  Several squash on the vine. 

I can always count on my black eyed Susans for color.  Hardy plants.

Giant Sunflower bud.    No one could paint a sunflower like Van Gogh.

"I am working with the enthusiasm of a man from Marseilles eating bouillabaisse, which shouldn't come as a surprise to you because I am busy painting huge sunflowers."

Vincent Van Gogh                                                            Quotabulary

Friday, June 15, 2018

Evening in the garden at Agecroft.

Last of my pictures taken at Agecroft Hall.
One of my favorites to stop and ponder is the courtyard.
The balcony with the flowers over flowing.  Gorgeous!

Linden walk

A walk back to the knot garden.

See the peas growing up the trellis just right behind the gate at the pillar?

You can see the knot garden made up of herbs through the gate door.

Among the flowers were vegetables growing


onto rear of home's raised terrace

Overlooking the maze from the terrace

Couldn't resist snapping the tree with this beautiful bark.

So many garden rooms and terraces with statues and urns.

Datura or what our Mom used to call Gabrielle's Trumpet
I know they are poisonous if ingested but I grew up around these plants, picked the large flowers. Never ate one or even thought about doing so.  Many plants we grow in our gardens are poisonous.

Lower terrace with fountain

Espaliered tree

Boxwoods are lining walks and beds of flowers.
While taking this walk. We come upon this little sign tucked into the roses.

Fragrant magnolias

 Happy Friday

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