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Tuesday, January 17, 2017


A rainy day - all day.   I did finish most all  the putting away of Christmas.
Good reason also for taking a break to relax and maybe read while I had a bite.  Poe was one to take in today, I love Poe.  Thank you Jennifer for this and for the wonderful library of his stories in a nice hardbound book.

outside the office window

Instead of actual reading,  I let Vince read some to me today
Vincent Price is one of two that performed on this disc.  Wonderful!

Oh yeah, my snack
thin fried boneless chop with leftover mac n cheese,  few olives and red onions for extra.

Yes, I have tile with poes pic

Sunday, January 15, 2017


Believe it or not,  we are still putting away Christmas decor.  I am going on line to find a large storage bag to fit my flocked tree to take to the garage and not be hurt by moisture.   This thing is more work than it's worth I believe.
Meantime we had a taste for some shrimp and grits.

I cooked my grits in whole milk with olive oil and lil salt.
stirred in a little butter when they finished cooking.

The shrimp I had were ones that were already previously frozen from Martins.
After thawing I pressed in a paper towel to dry and then sprinkled little lemon them.
Sauteed yellow and green peppers with fresh mushrooms and garlic then I added dried chives from my garden (didn't have fresh scallions) along with some of the bacon,    I had bacon already cooked in the microwave nice and crispy, with a few slices reserved for the top before serving.
 Squeezed on a fresh lemon and added the shrimp.   Just heated through and of course I had to throw another pat of butter on this good steamy stuff before piling on top of the grits.
Just a fast throw together before a much later dinner.
will hold us over til dinner

My daughter sent me a picture of her dinner the other night and this is Steves favorite in which she will make him when he visits again.  Yummm

Monday, January 9, 2017

Crisp January

Mighty cold out  now at 5 degrees.   I spent the day taking down some Christmas decorations and it seems to be taking forever.
Will finish tomorrow hopefully.
  I leave a few lights inside , I like the color of some and the candle in the window lends a soft glow on long winter days.
Sunday evening shot out of window

will take down the stair decorations tomorrow too.

Santa has to go to the closet too.  

Saturday, January 7, 2017


I asked for it.   It's beautiful and a good day to take down my Christmas decorations.

Snow Angels love it
Genevieve out in snow

Monday, January 2, 2017

Train Mural

A very large mural of a train in our train town of Ashland, Va.
I didn't get to good of a shot like I wanted with the cars parked in front of it today.
Not finished completely yet,  the building is very long.   Hope to get a shot of it sometime when it's not a workday.

Some information found here
explaining the mural and our town in Hanover county va.

 Sharing this week with    Image-in-ing and Through my lens

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year

Starting the New Year with traditional black eye peas.
We didn't have cornbread with ours today.   I fixed toast in the oven in butter with extra sharp cheese on top.
Cornbread served with black eyes for most represents  gold.  I didn't have cornbread today so our gold was golden melted cheese on baked toast.
We ate I am sure more that 365 peas for good luck,  For wealth, I put in stewed tomatoes.  Ham pieces for flavor.

Sorry -  the cheese toast was eaten up before I took a picture and that's the truth.

Hope everyone has a Happy and Prosperous New Year!!!

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