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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Still Waters

Saturday was warmer than usual, in the 60's.  We took a drive just to get away and relax some.   Quiet is nice.
Colonial Beach is the closest to us for a good water view and very few people.
Such a gorgeous day.  So taking advantage of it was a must for us.

(A short clip is at end of the post)

Here in the car you see a  little Giraffe that Adalyn picked out for Opa, his traveling companion besides me.
 We told her he would go anywhere we went - so he is here with us, but we let him stay in the car where it's much warmer.

Snow is still here and in parts on the water.

Mallards coming to shore.

Little chunks of ice floating in the water

Clear as a bell

The rocks reflected in the water so clearly.

More ice and snow on the rocks

As far as the eye can see.  Maryland in the distance.

A drive further down the strip of road with sweet beach homes and one is the  Alexander Graham Bell house for sale.  It was once the summer home of Bell. 

Built in 1870 with 2,380 square feet of living space.

How nice it would be to wake to views like this..

 A nice perch on top

Just a quick side street view of back yard
For  a little bit of inside view click here → link

Back to the other end as we leave to have dinner of broiled shrimp and salad.

Can't really see well, but the Christmas garland is still up on dock.

A short clip of the day

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

2nd snow for January

Woke up to another snowfall today.  Pretty.
 on the fence in back

Will leave the snowmen up a little longer

upstairs window

It looks safe to drive, but slippery in many spots

Saturday, January 13, 2018

air fryer

I tried out our air fryer tonight that we received for Christmas from son and family and it works great with this rib eye steak on a bed of onions.  Yummm.  I rubbed with a smidgeon of olive oil and a little spice and cooked as directed.
I will be trying some recipes that came with it like rolls etc...
I love new toys.

I know I added fat  by a pat of butter but I love butter on my steaks.
 This is so tasty

Monday, January 8, 2018

Happy Birthday Annette

My daughter has a birthday today.....
Seems like yesterday she was just a little bit.

We love you Annette and Happy Birthday
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