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Friday, June 1, 2018

A look back to Dinosaur Land (1)

End of August 2017.   About 9 months ago Steve and I took Adalyn and Genevieve to see Dinosaur land in White Post Virginia.   In the Shenandoah valley is this little gem.  It's been here 50 years.  I never really new about it until we were researching places to take the grand girls and knowing they love dinosaurs this seemed perfect and not so far to drive either.
They loved it.  All sorts of dinosaurs with a plaque describing them. We heard ooh's and aah's as we saw the sign here to stop
First through the gift shop to pay our way and then the little walk out into this park.

Genevieve had Opa and Adalyn go first.  Smart girl.

A little clip of the beginning of tour

Whoo hoo is what we hear.  Good to run some of that energy off that was saved riding in the car.  We do take frequent stops but this was great, a giant play yard for those two.

  It's a little history tour as we read the information to them about the different dinosaurs.  She is not sure of this thing.


Taken right before she falls down the small slope.

Large Grasshopper?

They were in awe of this one.

Adalyn had to stop to collect rocks.  She also looks like she is way to close under the foot of this one.

Adalyn informed me that she wished she could have one of these for a pet.

On to the next one.

Will share more tomorrow.

Part Two HERE


  1. That looks like the perfect place to take the grands!

  2. Hi Betsy, such a great visit for the kids. Did you enjoy it too.? I can remember when Jurassic Park first came out and I loved it and bragged to my kids how great it was and that they should see it. They still make fun of me that I thought it was good. There is something about those big guys that fascinate me. The girls look so cute and tiny in comparison..Happy Weekend sweet friend..xxoJudy

    1. I did enjoy it a lot. They get so excited, it's fun. I loved Jurassic Park. I closed my eyes through some of it at first. I still like it. I am fascinated by these creatures also and always have been.

  3. I forgot to say thanks for your visit. I hate doing it this way. Hope that they get it fixed pretty soon..xxoJ

    1. I love to visit your blog and read your stories. So neat.

  4. How fun for the grands, Betsy! You and Opa are making wonderful memories for these girls. I hadn't heard of this spot. Looks perfect for children. Our daughter was a dinosaur fanatic when she was a little girl. She loved the Natural History Museum in Washington, DC. Your grands would as well if you can stand the traffic to get there. ♥

    1. Thank you and I hope they do remember as we all had a good time. I will have to see the Natural History Museum while my knees will still take the walking. My husband used to work in D.C. and a nightmare it is at times. Could go to fairfax , park and take the metro in. I've done that before with my sister and it wasn't half bad. Stay dry, looks like another rainy week end

  5. What a great field trip for kids. I wonder if any of the schools take kids there. Looks like a fun day!

  6. What a cool place to visit. I know some boys (grandsons) that would love this.

    1. Oh yes and try to take in Skyline Caverns, the girls loved this too.

  7. This is beautiful! Once my son was dinosaur buff!!


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