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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Happy May Day

Happy Sunday and a rainy May day it is.   O.k. with us,  we will just be sitting in today reading and relaxing.
Some photos of my azaelea ,  the big one that is next to the driveway.

little blurry but a nice site to see from window on Saturday

fringe scents the yard and it's so sweet .   Not so good if you suffer from allergies though.

look forward to their blooms

Back to the first day of May.  It's raining


  1. Happy May Day, Betsy. You must be very cozy today in your shelter. It all looks very charming. I didn't do anything for May Day, I forgot it and was supposed to go to the best antique show around here and forgot that too!! Not too happy with myself today..Hope it is a good day for you..Judy

  2. Happy May Day Betsy! That is a beautiful sight to see from your window, wow! Peonies will be blooming very soon!

  3. Fabulous blossoms!


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