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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Artist home

Garden week in Ashland Virginia.   Steve and I went this year to tour of some of the homes and their gardens.   Pictures were not allowed inside so only outside pictures here.

  I snapped with my cell phone which is not the best way but the only way at the moment as I still haven't found my camera - uugghh!

This home I have wanted to see for some time.   I always ride by it because it is unique in the color pallette and the art that is displayed in the garden surrounding the home.   Not like most neighborhoods where every other house has the same color or same layout, or cookie cutter.

  This home is a Queen Anne Victorian built in 1891 and was the boyhood home of  Christopher Chenery, the owner of Secritariat.
Today and I am taking this information from the brochure given us with the purchase of our ticket stating this home is  a lively contemporary artist home and studio that remains faithful to the home's historical detail.
Concrete art  furniture, paintings, drawings and stained glass.    All of the art done by the owner/artist Charles Sthreshley.   He has spent  40 years renovating, repairing and painting the home his grandparents bought in 1925.

Wished I had gotten picture of the front railing as an elephants head was carved into the railing.
googling - Ashland Virginia garden week,  will bring up a site with pictures for this home.

all of the flowers in individual containers on front porch.

Garden areas showcase his art, and this one I like.

Picture below is taken in the neighborhood 
I liked the look of the tree limbs against the cloudy sky.

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  1. Charming place! I love Garden Week! I did 5 days of tours: Clarke County, Middleburg (2 days!), Harrisonburg, and Lexington.

    1. would love to see Middleburg homes and gardens, maybe next year.


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