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Monday, May 23, 2016

Just another rainy day

April had hardly a shower and May flowers are all wet. Tomorrow it may be sunshine, we'll see.
Sun comes out for a very few minutes and then cloudy again

nothing unusual,  just like the look of the texture and colors of the forest

sedum growing in the birdbath

chives and lavender

Had early dinner the other day at Jake's place here in Ashland and I order 
one of two things,  either the pimento cheese topped with applewood smoked bacon and tomato
that is toasted on Texas toast  or the BEST as far as I am concerned, beef brisket on a bun with a special thin sauce. 
 I always ask them to hold the sauce as I like to control how much I use.
I like the char grilled taste of the brisket. Cooked on premises in the huge smoker.
So darn good.

most tables made from bottom of old pedal sewing machines

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