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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

May days

I think with having so much rain and it just finished drizzling earlier this morning that it's causing snakes to go for higher ground where it's dry.   I am leary about going to the garage and getting in my car without plenty of light and looking around first.
Another reptile that obviously has decided to seek higher ground was this on our front steps a few days ago.

He climbed 7 steps
Scared the heck out of me when I open the door and saw this turn his head around to look.
Rain please stop - for a little while only, don't want a drought.

Back to something prettier - going on two weeks for the arrangement below except for the peonies I added to it.

Played around with this arrangement in photoshop - I thought it looked similar to a painting

The bathroom


  1. Real pretty flowers. We've got our rain back again too. Sure has been a cooler May so far. Is that a snapping turtle?

  2. Oh my gosh that snapping turtle is awesome!!


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