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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Happy Sunday

Fading soon are the peonies in my yard.   I pick them and bring them in for their scent but they do not keep the petals long before they fall.  
I separated these last year and planted in different areas of the yard.   They quickly come back and bloom even larger it seems. 

  Along the drive way.

Near the creek is this Mock Orange ,  that is what I was told it was called .  Highly fragrant

Almost red

These are the ones I separated last year,  still full and large flower heads

Sedum I stuck in some dirt in this basket last fall
Doesn't take much for this stuff to grow

Moms day flowers still pretty with some peonies tucked in

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  1. Hi Betsy, I love peonies and planted one plant a few years ago. It never did much the first year but I was excited to see it come back the second year. But, it just died and never came back again and never flowered. I will try again as they are so pretty. Your's are just beautiful, and I must say you have the proverbial green thumb..Happy Week..Judy


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