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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The grand girls

About 9 days ago we took the grand girls to the science museum of Virginia... They love it there.

Here is an age appropriate room from I believe age 2 to 5?  Don't remember correctly but they sure had fun,  this was before both came down with strep and ear infection.

Miss Adalyn listens and watches out for her little sister who insists on wearing her
ducky rain coat in nice weather.

They parked them at the porch

large climbing area.  It reminds me of an ant hotel for some reason.  They cannot fall out and Genevieve should have stayed on bottom... Opa got upset because she went in saying she was too little.

she goes to where she was told not too.  Gets scared to come down.  A sweet little girl helped her down thankfully..  She stayed on the bottom this time.

she came out bumping her head.   She is so funny.


She can climb,  but she wouldn't help her sister out,  Hm mm

downstairs for a snack in the coffee or snack area.    The Little's got chicken nuggets with chocolate milk,  sun chips and graham cookies.
First Adalyn
has to re- arrange the brochures.  It's o.k.  as she put them back nicer than what they were found.

they like this shop

they are very good children to take places and Steve and I take them anywhere they will be comfortable.   Don't wanna break their spirit by constantly getting on them as he says.

I like this sitting area in the lounge with tables some one fashioned from some type of metal ,  will take a closer look next time.  I want one.


Everyone is well and now I have this mess again for the 3rd time since November.

I cough myself to death..

Stay well


  1. Hi Betsy, looks like fun! The girls just keep getting cuter and cuter! So cute on their scooters, and the way they parked them!
    Hope the warmer weather puts an end to your cough. Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

  2. Hi Betsy..Your little grand daughters are so cute. I sure missed having a granddaughter. It really is such a nice feeling to be able to take them places and not having them act out. I feel sorry for some of the parents I see. Love the yellow ducky rain coat. Too cute..Hope your cough gets better..Happy Wednesday..Judy


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