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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Happy Sunday with Annette

Had a great breakfast this morning for starters.  My daughter Annette brought us some tomatoes and some fruit picked from her garden.  A nap was in order early because of a large breakfast including some fried orange and red tomatoes.  I don't particularly like them green.
very good flavor we had ones called black krim, mortgage lifter and beef steak.

one on right is black krim before it turns a reddish black - great flavor

beef steak -  spots are from heat and watering and growth spurt, kinda like a stretch mark.   stretches and seals itself.
beef steaks that are grown further up the stem.  The biggest growth is at bottom and then each layer up the stalk - the tomatoes get a little smaller because at the top of the stem it's weakest and doesn't hold a large tomato.  Nature is amazing isn't it?
All beefsteak, grown at different parts of the stem.

fresh cantaloup with scrambled eggs, ham and fried tomatoes of course.
steve loves it when Annette visits with good things to eat.
pears from Annettes tree

the apple from her tree is like a mix of golden delicious and red delicious.  Trees are 50 plus years old.   Annette stopped counting rings on one limb cut at 75 years.
peaches,  the limbs next year must be cut because she has many broken limbs from so many peaches.  These are white peaches.  To me these taste between a juicy pear and peach.
some serious limb cutting here,  this one is broke.

yummm pears

hi tunnel in background with those yummy tomatoes

I am sharing with     Our World Tuesday

well off for our nap and to digest.
Happy Sunday everyone


  1. Love the pictures.... the tomatoes are so beautiful....

  2. Your sounds like owns a farm dear Betsy!

    How sweet of her to bring so much healthy and natural stuff to her parents! !!
    I adore her love for both of you my friend. When kida take care of parents it is peace beyond description!

    These home harvesting looks great.
    Breakfast must be very tasty and chill to metabolism.

  3. Wow---I wish your daughter would visit us and bring us some of those fresh veggies and fruits... WOW... That was a big breakfast... No wonder a nap was needed!!!!!! ha ha

    We eat Grainger County, TN tomatoes in Summer and LOVE them..


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