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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Farm veggies

I took a little trip not too far about 4 1/2 hours not including stops to my daughters house in Ballard W.Va...
She had the veggies this year and fruit.   I guess it was just a good year.  I helped her prepare some for her to put into the pressure canner.  I enjoyed shelling and snapping beans.
Here are a few delicious looking pictures here.   I say that because I ate a little of everything pictured.
First off I must show the apples that are left after picking on the tree.
They are combination red delicious and gala.
The house was built in early 1940's.    Annette counted the rings on a limb that cracked from weight and had to be sawed off  of 75 rings. So I guess 75 years old.    The tree trunk itself I barely get my arms around.   Gorgeous tree.

Pear tree in front of high tunnel
you can see the tomatoes in there along with carrots on other side

picked and shelled sweet peas

MINE I love them

these needed quite a bit of stringing but we got it.  She is picking them smaller and next year not this type.

cooking down the tomatoes

still boiling in jars as they were just taken from canner

Russ likes the beans - he's our traveling companion.  Adalyn and Genevieve gave him to opa for his birthday and he goes on trips with us.

til next time

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  1. What beautiful produce you have canned! It all looks delicious, Betsy. There is nothing like having a pantry of beautiful canned goods that you put up yourself. I used to do it years ago and no longer do. I do like Russ surveying the booty. How adorable that the girls gave it to Opa. ♥

  2. No wonder Russ likes all he sees, it really is a wonderful harvest of fruit and veg.

    All the best Jan

  3. I bet you both felt such a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day! I stopped canning and preserving about 15 years ago but I still feel that temptation every summer about this time. If only I could do one more batch of chili sauce I think I could get past that. Maybe this year?

    I love garden peas! With just butter, salt and fresh ground pepper, a meal in itself!

  4. it is a great accomplishment.. Love the veggies you got..

  5. Dearest Betsy,
    Wow, your daughter Annette had quite a harvest for canning and sharing with her dear Mom!
    What is that high tunnel actually; is it a kind of a green house?
    Just curious as I'm a market gardener's daughter!
    Sending you hugs and enjoy this remainder of summer.

    1. I replied to your email and then realized you have the reply disabled from doing so. So I am doing it here. The high tunnel Annette grows her tomatoes in because she can keep the temperature more steady especially at night. There are over head fans to keep it from getting too hot as sometimes it has gotten to 125 degrees. Plants are watered from rain water gravity fed through lines from the holding tanks on the outside. The carrots do better in there also.
      She grew peppers in there last year that ran wild with produce. The yellow, red and green. She didn't plant any this year sorry to hear.

  6. Looks like you stayed busy canning. That is great! My son in Calif. has a bunch of fruit trees in his back yard. So cool to go out and pick a lemon for your tea.

  7. What a joy to visit and see all the produce you and your daughter have preserved. The tomatoes look delicious.

  8. Wow--what great veggies... YUM.... You know how much I love West VA.... Great state.....

    I grew up with those green beans. Not sure what they are called now but we called the Pole Beans... YUM....

    Sounds like you went home with some goodies!!!!

    Praying for the flooding in Texas and at my son's home now... He's already gone through way too much this month... Prayers for Mark.


  9. What a good year it's been indeed, wonderful thoughts and photos. Greetings!


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