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Friday, March 27, 2020

Baby blanket

When my daughter came for a visit about a month ago.   She wanted us to make a baby quilt together.  Well there wasn't enough time in a week end to do one by hand.   I prefer doing them that way so she picked up some squares of fabric.   She measured them and we both cut them out and I sewed together on the machine.   I machine quilted on the machine also.
Annette sitting here getting the squares straight.

I am holding it here.  She wanted a picture before she left and I hate to take pictures anyway.  It is so worse  taking them in a hurry without a chance to fix my hair even and not stand in front of a wreath on the door that makes it look like something is in my hair. 
Here is a dress Annette wore home from the hospital.  She wanted to take it home, so we washed it and she fixed the ribbon. It's 48 years old and in good shape.  Made in Italy.
On top of unfinished quilt

Haven't heard if they got the blanket yet but I hope I see a picture soon. 
Oh,  the blanket and the dress is for our great grand daughter,  yes a great grandma I am.  Seth is only 19 and in college and Haley is 19.  But they are taking good care of their baby and who knows, it may be a love that lasts a lifetime.  I am praying.   I am hoping for a picture of the baby with the blanket.  I would hope so.  
Annette and John are in Michigan helping take care of them for a while.  Hope they stay in close to home.  


  1. Betsy what a precious little dress. Sure hope you get pictures but these younger kids don't think about things like we did. Oh did I say that... I didn't do a lot I should have when I was that age, either.

  2. Dearest Betsy,
    That is a lot packed into a blog post!
    LOVE the baby quilt and you sure are very talented on the machine.
    Your daughter Annette is lucky for having such a Mom.
    And that baby dress is precious, being from that time and so well preserved; what a treasure.
    Sure hope that the young 'parents' will know how to appreciate things created with love and at least capture the baby girl wearing it.
    That is making history and indeed, praying that they live to experience it together!

  3. Thank you Mariette. I hope I get a picture of her wearing it too. I will try to stay hopeful for the young people today. Things have just changed so much.
    Making history is the way I feel about the blanket and the dress.
    Hugs Betsy

  4. Oh, Betsy, you look cute. You should see me now that I CAN'T go anyplace. I look bad enough when I can go out! Sweet little quilt and the little dress. Congratulation, great grandma. I can't believe that but I could be one too. Nothing in sight yet (if at all) but Jake is 24 and Jacenda 22 so it could happen. Even though I would love to say I had one, hope that they get settled before that happens. Who knows how young love will play out..Take care and stay well..xxoJudy

  5. Congratulations on becoming a great-grandma Betsy. That's a beautiful blanket and a darling outfit for the baby. I wish the young parents many, many happy years together with their little girl.

  6. Congratulations to you all on the new arrival. The blanket is stunning and I am sure it will be much loved. Stay safe.

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  8. Betsy,
    Congrats on being a Great grandmother!! The blanket and the christening outfit is lovely!! You and your daughter look wonderful!!
    Looking forward to seeing that new baby in your family!!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by!! Sty safe, healthy and happy!!


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