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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Peterstown West Virginia

  Just down stream of the border of Giles county a diamond was found.   A large translucient rock that a horseshoe pried loose in the ground.   A father and son pitching horseshoes eyed it.
So named "Punch Jones Diamond" after the boy who found it.  Weight 34.48 and bluish white in color.
An interesting history and the rest on the story  is found    HERE

Sign probably needs to be updated as the story says it was sold.

Marker in Peterstown West Virginia near the sight the diamond turned up. 

area at creek
Annette checking it out.   She is one who enjoys hikes especially along lakes and streams and I want to take one next. 

Peterstown Hotel

I can't find any history on it.   
Will keep trying.

massive stone fence

more later


  1. The stonewall was a delight, beautiful.

  2. Now that's a huge diamond, Betsy. The town looks interesting. I love stone walls and always photograph them too. The Peterstown hotel looks quite old. ♥

  3. Dearest Betsy,
    Wow, that is an incredible find for a diamond that size.
    Love the massive stone fence. That took a lot of collecting and carrying, putting them together.
    Your state is so beautiful!


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