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Monday, April 1, 2019

Lynn - visit from Maine

My sister came to visit from Maine and especially so to see Mom as much as possible.
We took a drive  to Warm Springs Va. while here.  Little genealogy hunting at the courthouse there and then lunch.
Few pictures of the trip.
Beauty of a day for a mountain drive.

Virginia is beautiful and to me especially in this area.

Jefferson Pools, used to be called "warm spring pools" name change in the 20th century.  Part of the Homestead now - a resort hotel.

Sound of the water rushing.  I wished I had put my hand into it to see if it was warm... Looks like an old outhouse in the short distance behind it.

Looks like an out house

Inside the courthouse in Warm Springs posing on top of files were some of the locals I guess that lived in this area.
We found a marriage certificate of our great grandmother and another document.  Nice place with such friendly people.

Love this beautiful area and would love to have a small summer or winter cabin.  Bath county is just beautiful all year round.

Here is a beauty of a home that is made entirely from stone.

I just thought this was an interesting hairy looking tree, that's all.

Pretty Presbyterian church on the hill.
Pretty bell tower.
The brick has faded with time in color  into a pretty pink.

Information in the gazebo at the Pools.  I think I may have to see the art show this year.

On the way home and not sure where this is exactly.
All stone church with another pretty bell tower.

driving around this area taking in the beauty

til next time - betsy

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  1. Dearest Betsy,
    Lucky you for having your sister come for a visit!
    Especially for your Mom it was great.
    We never have such luxury... due to the big Ocean in-between and if they come, they stay for 4 weeks or so and we have to show them around and entertain them.
    Wonder indeed IF the water was warm!
    In Hungary they have lots of warm springs and in Indonesia also, numerous countries of course.
    It feels great for emerging yourself in hot water and it is said to have healing properties too.

  2. Happy Monday Mariette,
    I have heard that people who take in the waters here come out with their skin feeling like silk.
    Lynn was here about 3 weeks and I just visited with her a week after I was sure the flu bug was gone and got my house cleaned really good. She stays on the go and doesn't mind doing things by herself. I am the same way. Sorry to see her go back in which she drove 13 hours and made it home at 3 in the morning.

    1. No doubt you have fond memories dearest Betsy!
      Oh, the long drive... sounds like us driving from the Venice area in Italy where we lived and worked for almost one year, to visit with family in The Netherlands... The best time we did in 11 hours and my worst; SOLO drive was 17 hours when the truck drivers had blocked the Brenner Pass and I had to go the old, old back road across to Italy. My Lord, what a fate. But coming home to your own bed is feeling great, you catch up in a couple of days on sleep but it took me almost a week to adjust emotionally, especially with my Mom as I knew she would not last long... Tough.

  3. Beautiful pictures love them.

  4. Yes, I'm a fan of Virginia myself. Grew up near Alexandria and now life in the Shenandoah Valley. Glad you found a bit of family info.

  5. You took us on a wonderful tour, beautiful photos.

  6. Betsy,
    Thanks so much for stopping by!! Love the churches!! I have a thing with churches both inside and out.... We have some gorgeous ones in our area. I know I may have asked you this before but what type of camera do you have??

  7. This is a lovely part of the country Betsy! I would want to have a cabin there too. The stone house reminds me of those yellow stone cottages in the Cotswold's UK.

    1. Beautiful stone home.. Lots of stone in this area for sure.

  8. Betsy, that certainly is a beautiful place. I hope you had fun with your sis..xxoJudy

  9. Great photos, a beautiful area and love the old stone homes. How great that you got to visit with your sister.

    1. We all had a good time and I would love to have a stone home myself.


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