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Friday, April 19, 2019

Good Friday post

Stormy and dark looking where I am.  Tornado watch in many areas.  I am pinned to the t.v. and radio for updates.  Please all be safe and heed the warnings. 
A little clip outside and the wind picking up at around 7 I believe this evening.  

Genevieve has a little strawberry on her plant at the playhouse. She's not here so I will eat it.  

I went to an awards ceremony for Adalyn today at school.  She has done a great job and proud of her.

I took her to breakfast at Cracker Barrel afterwards. 

Well computer getting slow because of weather.  I wanted to check in with other blogs I follow but will wait til after the storm.


  1. I hope you are safe my friend. We just had a lot of rain and we are under a thunderstorm warning still. I really enjoyed seeing your beautiful garden. You take lovely videos, it's something I'm not too great at doing. How lovely you took Adalynn out for breakfast. Cracker Barrel has a good one. Congratulations to her on her award. Have a lovely Easter.

  2. She is so adorable!

    Happy Easter!


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