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Monday, April 8, 2019

Ginter and the end.

Some nice gifts to be had at the gift shop at Lewis Ginter.  One I really liked was the rock tower.  I picked it up to see how much it was and the rocks fell off on the floor.  I got them, well my husband did, kinda embarrassing cause they made a noise but oh well, none were broken.  The price tag I noticed afterward was on the table beside it.  I love the lamp and wouldn't mind having that.

Art and I thought this one would look good on my front door.  Didn't get it though.

This one is even better.

back out on walk and pretty pansies.

Lynn on the bridge near the Japanese Tea Room
A few more orchids to see and then off for lunch

I knew this one right away

Corsage orchid, just so perfect.
Tarragon chicken salad

We all enjoyed with the sandwiches their homemade crab bisque soup.

Steve had dill shrimp salad on bun.  He always takes one part of the bread off.

The End of Ginter this trip.
Now to get some things done before the night ends.



  1. I'm enjoying visiting Lewis Ginter with you, Betsy! I love the rock stacks too. On our daily walk there is a home where the family has these displayed and I love seeing them arranged in different patterns. That is a pretty photo of your sister on the bridge with the cherry tree in bloom. The lunch looks wonderful. I'm sure you all had a lovely day!

  2. I love the rock stacks, especially the lamp. Haven’t seen one like that before. Such pretty cherry blossoms,too.

  3. Imagine all of that made with rocks and stones...amazing! Orchids are such lovely flowers! That food looks great! Lovely place for a visit!

  4. Dearest Betsy,
    Oh, dear what a noisy event with that rock tower! Glad nothing got broken...
    Lovely lunch and more stunning orchids.
    We had lots of orchids growing on the patio in Indonesia while living and working there.
    Miss that exotic part of the tropics.

  5. Hello Mariette,
    Somewhat noisy for sure.
    Waking to a patio of beautiful orchids in the morning must have been such a feast for the eyes first thing. I just love them.
    Hugs to you

    1. Yes it was paradise like Betsy. Even more so when we could see the Eagles sore high above against the clear blue sky. We lived in the mountains, a bit down but over 7,000 ft range. Fond memories! 💐


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