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Monday, February 5, 2018


Today is Steve and my Anniversary.   I was so excited to see that he got something I have been wanting for sometime.  I love this and so does Genevieve.
Trying it out will be fun.
Will have to take it in the woods and see what we can dig up.   I see people with metal detectors on the beach.  I will use it there too.

I opened the scoop first and was surprised that it had so many holes and was a little dumb to what it was until the package was opened.
This one goes down 12 inches and that is a good depth for me to dig.  Now to assemble it.  Steve will assemble it, I should say.

Done...Now to see how it works with different metals and make sure 
I have the settings according to the metals I want to attract.

A little clip of Genevieve talking about it.  Forgive my messy den,  it's where the kids play and make their messes along with us.   I am o.k. with that too.   It's where we live.

click here for video   Genevieve on metal detector information

she gets so excited

Til next time - Betsy


  1. This is exciting .. Happy anniversary to both of you..

  2. Happy anniversary, what a great gift. I can see so many fun adventures in your future.

  3. Happy Belated Anniversary, Betsy!!
    We bought one for our oldest son when he was in his teens and he still has it. We used to take it with us when we went down the shore. Thanks so much for stopping by!! No, those candy boxes are long empty. I bought a whole bunch of them in Target many years ago at 75% off.

  4. I can see you and Genevieve are going to have great fun with your metal detector, Betsy. She's so cute! Happy Anniversary to you and your sweetie! ♥

  5. That was so cute. Genevieve has lots of self-confidence. Can't wait to see what gems you find with your new "treasure hunter".

  6. happy anniversary!! what fun this will be! my grandpa always used his all over the place!


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