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Sunday, August 21, 2011

brownstone bedroom

A mid 1860's Italianate brownstone at 4 west fifty fourth street in New York city. 
In 1877 the mansion was purchased by Arabella Worsham,  a Richmond native.  She commissioned
a New York architect and decorating firm to expand and remodel the structure,  the bedroom shown was included. 

Anglo - American, Aesthetic movement, expressing as one contemporary reviewer described as an effort to persuade people to persue the paths of true art and taste in furnishing their house. ( I got this info from the description posted in describing this room )

Arabella Worsham occupied the mansion a few years.  She  married in 1884, and then sold the house to John D. Rockefeller Sr.
He died in 1937. 

pretty lace bed coverlet and gorgeous velvet red chair
click to enlarge
could not use flash in here,   so it's kind of fuzzy in the low light
stained glass is gorgeous,  wish light could shine through it more so you could really see the colors

ceiling is beautiful. 
stained glass in the chandelier - can't see it here, but the different colors in chandelier cast color onto the ceiling
yep ,   I could sleep in here

Prior to demolition ,  three rooms were removed from the house
and this bedroom was one of them.
A dressing room and this bedroom were given to the  Museum of the city of New York.
A smoking room was given to a Brooklyn museum
The Worsham - Rockefeller bedroom as it is called was given from  the museum of the city of New York in 2008 to Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
 my hometown in Richmond , Va.  - here - pictured below
Such a generous gift and so happy to have something this beautiful to see and share with others
reflections in glass window of museum

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