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Saturday, April 6, 2019

Lewis Ginter Botanical gardens

When Lynn was visiting we took a tour of the gardens to see the spring flowers.  They do not last long.

Camellia - April Remembered it's called.

This I haven't heard of before

Beautiful Paper Flower it's called


Lynn looking for turtles

pretty water feature near the Tea Room

Cherry blossoms so pretty


Looks like snow has fallen with the petals that are falling

Very windy and so nice a day for a visit

so pretty

I like these the best I believe of all of the daffodils

On the porch of the bloemendaal home is a nice place to relax and take in the beauty

Info on the summer house as it's called

walk down behind house

Beautiful blood root flower

More later of the orchids blooming

  Here is PART TWO  and PART THREE


  1. You took us on a beautiful walk, it was a delight to see the blossom and the beautiful spring flowers. Like you the humble daffodil is a joy.

  2. I love The pictures I came back soon Have a nice Day hugs from Nina

  3. Absolutely gorgeous photos, Betsy! I love each one. Lewis Ginter is so beautiful year round, but Spring she really shows off.


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