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Friday, September 1, 2017

Trees Be Gone

Yes, I am so glad the Hemlock and the tall pine are gone especially from the rear yard.   I love these trees for their Christmas boughs I have used in the past years but the trees blocked too much light and made it damp and mildewy in the back yard.
Thursday here at home and sunny

Tree coming in driveway which is a hemlock will be trimmed
Holly next to it also.   May have to eventually take the whole thing out, limbs growing in power lines is not a safe thing to let happen.

today the trimming in a drizzle is happening
Experience tree service and Arborists with the right stuff taking out and
trimming our trees.  Elliotts tree service by the way and I want to give them
a big thumbs up for this work.  We are very happy with the work done.

A look from dining room window into very shady back yard that was way too
shady and dark for me.  Needed light and breeze.  Got rid of bad bees nest too.

Working on the tired leaning Hemlock -before

after in progress

I enjoyed watching them cleaning up the cut limbs with the bucket grabbing them over the fence

can see the weeping willow much better now with the huge holly gone.
Still drizzly out and will have to post the after picture of the tall lonesome pine
that has since been removed.


  1. As you know we had trees trimmed and removed as well. It's a lot sunnier in our back yard now. Even with the adjustment of the tree being gone, I like it. Glad you have safe men to do this dangerous work--amazing what they can do. ♥

  2. Beautiful picture.. we also had a liquid amber tree in our front yard, though i love the tree, but it was breaking our driveway. So we had to cut down that..

    1. I hope you post a picture of it sometimes. I am not familiar with that type of tree.

  3. WOW!! That was a project!! The trees were lovely but I can understand why you wanted them trimmed or taken down.
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  4. Always best to get the professionals in for such a big job. I bet it has made an enormous difference to the light in your house. They had some amazing equipment.

    1. You are so right! I learn the hard way sometimes that this is true.

  5. That is quite a job. We are in the process of getting two very large trees down, one that is reaching so high it towers above the house and the other the same but is dying. Sad to see them go but one tree fell on our house long before we moved in and we don't want a repeat. I am sure we will have more light in the house too. Happy weekend to you Sandy.

  6. Your yard looks wonderful. I love the trees being gone. It sure did brighten up the place. That was one hard job they had to do. But the company did great. Cannot wait to come and see in a few days.



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