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Saturday, April 1, 2017


I love the look of the wildflowers massed in areas of the yard.   The little petals are perfect in shape and form.  The grand girls love them.
adalyn thinks she can pick everyone

genevieve will pick everyone

Happy Saturday everyone


  1. Cute Betsy! I still think you need to be a children's author and write about the grandgirls and their adventures. :)

  2. Oh would I love to have some wildflowers growing on my lawn right now (and some beautiful granddaughters to pick them)! Instead, we have over a foot of snow (and beautiful grand-dogs)! Enjoy the warmth and those precious girls!
    Warmly, Gloria

  3. Hello Betsy

    Childhood wonder and enthusiasm is endearing!
    The girls are having fun!
    I have three granddaughters and they live in France and I'm in New Zealand - Fingers crossed they will be with us in three months and I just can't wait!
    Are the wildflowers daisies?
    Thank you for stopping by my blog - it's lovely to meet you Betsy.



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