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Saturday, April 22, 2017

soup saturday

Rainy and looks like it's called for all the week ahead.   I hope the snakes won't be looking for higher ground around my house.  Heard to many snake bites happening within the last few days and all copperheads.
Today it's homemade potato soup I made with celery and the green on the tops I chop and put in there also, lots of flavor there.   Ham bits left from Easter ham last Sunday.   Half and half milk, about 3 pounds potatoes, 4 cubes boullion, and butter.  I usually put in onion but didn't have but the red onion and I don't like the way it looks in soup when it's cooked so I left out.
Served a sandwich along with it... Mesquite baked slice chicken by boars head and imported Swiss cheese with lettuce , mayo and pickle with lots of pepper as you can see.

A few azaleas pictures of the giant azalea that must have been here when the house was young, and it was built in 1969.

view from porch sliding door

this the back of it and it has plenty of blooms but not as much sun hits them as it does the front.

peony blooming on the fence along with some petunias I placed in the pot.   The lilac behind the fence has finished it's blooming for this year.

my window upstairs with nasturtiums
 thats about it for now.   now to check the creek to see how high it's risen.
Happy Saturday --- betsy


  1. I haven't made potato soup in ages, Betsy. But, today would be a great day for it as it is rainy and miserable. Love those azaleas!!

  2. We've gotten a lot of rain as well, Betsy. We love potato soup in our home, it's my husband's favorite. I used up a meaty ham bone left from Easter to make Hopping John today. Your azaleas are beautiful. Our's have been lovely this year as well. Have a nice evening and watch out for snakes! ♥

  3. The flowers are so gorgeous!! the soup is very yummy.. please stay careful from the snakes..

  4. I don't like the sound of the snakes...but really do love the look of the soup and sandwich. Beautiful blooms.


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