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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

fun day

Looking for something to do with the girls, so we decided to take them to the Childrens Museum.   The Science Museum of Virginia is closed on Mondays.
While they played at different play stations there were some interesting posts on the walls about Easter traditions.
first in adalyn had to go down the slide

then genevieve - the area has like a little tree house type structure and they run up the steps to the slide.

carousel ride

Exchange of Easter Eggs dates back way before the holiday had even existed 
yet.       People use to practice the tradition of giving out eggs because they 
considered it to be symbolic of rebirth. 

There was this very large cow
The children took a shot of trying to milk it.
They both did well first time.

First time for Genevieve,  she squirted the water right in her face.

Adalyn takes a turn

As stated above:  
When taking a bite out of a chocolate Easter bunny, 76 % of Americans prefer to bite off the ears first.
57% prefer to eat the feet first.
About 47% prefer to eat the tail first.

In the old days, people associated pretzels with Easter.....
not chocolate.
This was because the twists of a pretzel resembled the folded arms when in  prayer.. 

The tallest chocolate Easter Egg was made in Italy...
it was 10.39 meters tall
and weighed about 7, 200 kg.

The dino cave looked dark and a little scary.  Adalyn was trying to 
persuade Genevieve to go in first... and she did.

got the all clear for Adalyn to go in.

water play

had to climb on 

she wants one at home of course

Easter symbolizes the Joy and celebration of new life.
Spring represents New Life .. Many animals have their babies in Spring.

Nice little facts posted here and there for the children to learn from..

Craft area for the children, they loved it here.

They wanted lemonade after this

Outside at the picnic area for a yogurt with oreo cookie crumbles and drink.

This is the Science Museum next door.  Will go there on a Tuesday thru Friday

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  1. what a fun time.. Both the kids are enjoying a lot..


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