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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

springy fowers

few pictures yesterday of azaleas.  They open up more and more everyday.

First off my pink vase of Lilacs....

when they open - they are so beautiful!

another look at the front door

Moss and metal twirly things only grow in this planter

I like the box and azaleas together

having lunch

a simple wreath this year... just colored plastic eggs glued on styrofoam

Genevieve loves flowers and will pick everyone if I let her.
Here she is with a paper plate with an arrangement of flowers, pine , cement, and what she calls cocoanuts.. they are acorns.
I think she did a good job of arranging on the plate.


  1. Love your yard/home... Those azaleas are going to be gorgeous --already are!!!!! Bet that Lilac smells YUMMY... We don't have a lilac --but we do have Azaleas.... Our two main/bigger azaleas are just now starting to bloom. They are pretty when the entire bushes bloom... The 6 smaller azaleas in back are struggling --after the drought... We may lose about half of them... NOW---I have to decide what to put in that bed--along the edge of the deck. Not much sun there and the soil is not great.. I may just get some shrubs which take no care much...

    Your granddaughter is ADORABLE.


  2. Everything looks lovely in your garden, Betsy. Genevieve is going to be a gardener one day! ♥

  3. Beautiful impessions, dear Betty! I wish you a wonderful easter!


  4. Hi Betsy. Your garden is so pretty. Makes me think I would hear a relaxing trickle of water in the background. Genevieve is a good flower arranger and looks so cute doing it. Love your door wreath. Have a wonderful Easter with the kids..xxoJudy

  5. Forgot: That pink vase is so pretty with just a lilac sprig and the butterfly..J

  6. I had to come see your lilacs and you certainly do have lovely ones, and gorgeous azaleas! No azaleas here but there at the top of our list. And you have sweet little girls to pick bouquets for you, which makes your Wildwood Home just perfect.

    So nice to meet you, Betsy!

  7. Just beautiful!! Thanks so much for stopping by!! Happy Easter!!

  8. Oh, I just had to come across from Dewena's blog to say...
    What a great post and I loved your photo's too.

    Happy Easter

    All the best Jan


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