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Sunday, April 23, 2017

science museum

Another visit to the science museum of va.   The exhibit consisted of plastic throw aways and how it lands on our soil from the water ways etc..  Art was constructed from tossed plastic.

looks like part of a giant whale skeleton

Look close

You see it's discarded waste of plastic bottles constructed that way

Pictures are fuzzy with my cell phone camera and not being still in the process of shooting the picture.   This anemone is mostly plastic water bottles..... Everything in picture is made from discarded plastic

Ocean waves from plastic bottles etc...
closer up you can see it better.

I liked it better when we used to take a thermos and collapsible cups.   I remember seeing smokers extinguish cigarettes in portable ashtrays also.  My dad - I never saw him throw his in the sand.   He was picky about picking up trash and cleaning up after ourselves.   Yep even on the beach.    I guess manners and respect for others have fallen by the wayside?   Too bad.

Oh yes,  Elvis sighting

He was here at the Science museum in this spot where the picture was taken.


  1. I was amazed at what had been made from plastic waste, what a great exhibition.

  2. Hi, Looks like a great trip to the Science Museum. I know that the little ones enjoyed being there... Amazing what creative people can do with discarded plastic things, etc....

    Speaking of manners and respect, as you know, we hike a lot. Even on a beautiful mountain trail, people will discard their trash in the mountains... Drives us crazy. We always take an extra bag to pick up others' trash... DANG it.... AND---another thing while I'm on this topic, when you are on a narrow trail, it's amazing how many people "hog" the entire trail when they are coming the other way toward us... They have no respect for us at all... We move off the trail and let them go by. Times have certainly changed!!!!

    Check out my blog post today when you have time. It's a cute one I think.


  3. Cute little granddaughters you have! I love the art with a message made from recycled trash. It looks like they are enjoying it, too.

  4. What sweet little granddaughters you have, and what a fun trip. I was amazed at the art work from the recycled plastic.

  5. What an amazing art from waste..

  6. My Goodness!! What an amazing place to take your grand daughters too! I am sure they had a wonderful time!! Thanks so much for stopping by!! No the snow did not seem to hurt any of the trees and bushes. In fact, my lilac tree is loaded with blooms and I was thinking that it would not bloom this year because of the hot then cold temps. and all the snow. I will be posting photos when it is fully bloomed...


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