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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

early morning

Early this morning taking a walk in the yard to see what has died in this awful humidity and heat.   Nothing this year is doing well at all, very bad season.   If the bugs don't get them ,  the heat will.
Hydrangeas are a little brown in areas and the color of the flowers this year are more blue, not like last year when there were so many different shades.  There are a few pink colors.  They darken after a few days.

porch table arrangement
I didn't plant any new seeds this year of the sunflowers,  the one above just came up.

Brown eyed Susan's are always hardy and dependable
brown eyed Susans
A bunch of lavender I picked this morning to dry  This is my third bunch.
I do not have that many plantings but the ones I have are large and produce blooms til late in season



  1. gorgeous blooms. i think my favs are the black eyed susans, sunflowers & the hydrangeas ... awesome shots!!

    hope the week is going well for you. ( :

  2. oh so pretty & colorful! =)

  3. Betsy, your flowers are all so pretty and ones I don't have, except for the hydrangeas. My Endless Summer bush was all blue last year, this year there is a combination of pink and blue and lavender. I have one small bush that I don't know the name of but the blooms are so bright blue that the camera finds it hard to capture the true color..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  4. Hi Betsy,
    Your hydrangeas are gorgeous! I do not have any of those but wish I did. All of your flowers look pretty to me. What you are experiencing now is what we experienced here in Missouri last Summer.
    Have a good weekend,


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