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Sunday, July 28, 2013

week end flowers

The colors of the butterfly match the zinnia's color.

I can always count on these for color in the summer

I found little tiny grasshoppers eating the leaves and plants this year.

I am sharing with Tina's Pic story weekend flowers and Todays Flowers


  1. thanx for your beautiful weekend flowers! :)

  2. Enjoyed the photos, Betsy, and recognized the frittilary in the first photo as we have quite a few in our wildflower gardens.

  3. Ooooooo these are marvelous photos, thank you for sharing them with Today's Flowers. All are great but love that first one with the butterfly staring right at us :)

  4. Beautiful photos of flowers, Betsy. I'm so glad you left me a comment. I have spent many years in and around Mennonite communities and you are right, they are resourceful, hard working, excellent cooks and bakers and they make wonderful neighbours. I have great respect for them and their heritage. I see them around our city in the thrift stores where I shop, but something has caused them not to trust the rest of us, because when I smile at them I am seldom met with a smile. So sad, I am a very outgoing person and I would love to briefly pass the time of day with them when we meet, but it is not going to happen easily.
    Have a wonderful day!

  5. Wow, that butterfly is awesome! The others have great colors, too!

  6. Magnifico!I agree: their colors do match.


  7. A beautiful series of flowers with such nice, saturated colors. Nice post.

  8. Betsy,your garden looks amazing!
    Photos are lovely especially the first one.

    Happy Monday!


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