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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

about town

Sunday was a lazy day, stormy looking skies.   Some pictures I took on run to the store.
Nice Mural about our town
art gallery next to mural
Metal sculptures

 A field of sunflowers not far from where I live
Never seen so many -  a happy sight
Lush green fields,  hope it stays this way for a long time
heading home in my neighborhood,  this end is planted with corn
I took this two days ago, it has grown taller it seems since then.
A volunteer that just sprouted.
 all of my flowers like these are growing well along with the zinnias
the petunias and other plants just did not grow well this year. 
The lone hibiscus flower that bloomed
 I am sharing with Dwellings - Amaze Me Monday


  1. such sunny bright sunflowers. And, the corn ... I do love to see fields of corn growing. Nice post.

  2. Such an awesome pictures of art and photography as well. This art of drawing picture cannot get easily, it requires extra ordinary hard work.

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  3. The sunflower sculptures are fantastic! Love them. I also love seeing fields of sunflowers. They are so cheerful and happy looking.

  4. sweet, happy sunflowers - whether in a field or made of metal. :) the mural is really, really nice!

    thanks for coming by!

  5. Hi Betsy,
    Nice photos. I like those murals, a lot of towns are doing that now. Neat art sculptures too. That field of sunflowers is gorgeous!

  6. Gorgeous photos, what a beautiful place! My sister lives on a farm and they raise sunflowers for the seed...they are so pretty!
    Thanks so much for sharing at Amaze Me Monday!!!


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