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Monday, July 8, 2019

Happy Monday

Outside early to look around and so glad I didn't have to water anything as it rained well yesterday evening.   Not as hot this morning either.
Hydrangea got two blooms only this year.  First time a bloom in three years.  Don't know really what is wrong.  When I purchased it, the color said red, but I guess really the soil does dictate the color.

Hibiscus blooms.  
Further down the fence with the zinnias

A cherry tomato in a pot at the fence and so far so good.

Dill mixed in with some planting in pots.  I will be using that this morning when I pickle some cukes.

I snipped off quite a bit of coleus and now they have all rooted like these in this hanging pot.

Rooted giant begonia and coleus in this hanging planter.   I took a chance they would and now they are getting too large for it.

I purchased this Croton plant from Home Depot.  
 Needs lots of light

humming bird vine at the lamp post with zinnias and coleus

Hope to see some hummingbirds soon

Here in a planting around the dogwood are some more coleus I rooted.  There were larkspur but have all gone to seed now.  Weather has done a number on the plantings in this bed.  Some how the weeds such as the grass you see here always seem to  flourish no matter what the weather or temps.

We took in the parade in town along with the girls on Independence Day.  Wow, was it hot.  I could not find a shady spot but standing up instead of sitting at least I could feel the breeze a little by a tree that cast some shade.  We had sno cones and popsicles for a cool treat.

little snippet here

We listened to Patriotic music on the lawn

Hanover Concert Band

As always a pie contest for the best Apple Pie.

Fire works decorated this one.

I am standing back under some dappled shade.  Hot and very muggy and very uncomfortable to be out in.

Sno cones helped

Happy Monday to all


Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Betsy, looks like you all enjoyed the 4th of July festivities. The girls look content with their snow cones. We just stayed home, it was too hot here to do much else for the old folks. Thanks for your visit and now I am starting to take down the patriotic decorations. That is always the worst part of decorating..Happy Monday..xxoJudy

The Joy of Home with Martha Ellen said...

It's been too hot, Betsy!! I'm glad the girls had sno cones to cool off. We just grilled steaks and baked potatoes on the 4th. We bought our dinner inside as it was way too hot to eat outdoors! You have had rain and we've had very little. I had to water today and we did get a few sprinkles this afternoon. Your plants look so healthy. I like seeing your coleus. I rooted some from last year too and now they fill a urn in our backyard. Have a nice week.

mamasmercantile said...

Th tour of your garden was a delight, I can only imagine those temperatures. The ice must have helped. I enjoyed the snippets of the concert and parade.