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Monday, July 15, 2019

Happy and HOT Monday already.

I started out painting early this morning in the children's playhouse.  I am trying to get a couple coats on  here. I guess it would have been better to cover the walls with some type of paneling but that can be later.   I just want the walls sealed right now and then put a piece of linoleum down.
This was taken last night.  It was cooler then after we got back from Fredericksburg.

I will climb up here later this evening and put a coat on.

Stairs are dry and they are not slippery at all.  I can see where I am stepping as the old carpet was thick and I misjudged the corners sometimes and slipped.   Carpet is slippery with shoes on.

Going up.  Now the side wall can be painted.

Next job or I should say, one of the many next jobs will be removing carpet downstairs.
Hibiscus bloom this morning so pretty. I have had much success with Neem oil keeping the beetles off of my flowers.  The bees are still on them so it must not bother them  a bit.

Good day to all


  1. The stairs are looking really good. I am thinking of taking my carpet off the stairs and doing something different.

    1. I think I may leave off. I don't want a thick runner like what was on there. I do not like dragging the carpet cleaner up and down the steps to clean either.

  2. Dearest Betsy,
    WOW, what a beautiful staircase you ended up with!
    Can't understand how anyone would cover up an oak staircase with thick carpet?!
    We started pulling up all our carpet in 2007 when I had to use the asthma pump... It sure makes for a lot healthier living and especially the cleaning is a lot more hygienic too. We had cotton with wool and you think you did vacuum clean but wait till you pull it up and you will be surprised what you still find.
    Good luck with your painting and balancing act.

  3. I love the way it turned out too. You are so right about the balancing act. It is one for sure

  4. You have been so busy, Betsy! Painting is hot work and I'm assuming the playhouse is not air conditioned. There is always something to do on our homes, isn't it? Your stairs look great. And your hibiscus is lovely. Don't work too hard this week as it's a hot one!


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