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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Legos at Lewis Ginter

We took the girls an evening about a week ago on members night to see the lego display.  It was fun to see the animals, butterflies and flowers made from them.  Girls had a great time.  

This was just so pretty to see on the ground like this.  A show stopper for sure.

I should have put this first but anyhow, this lily is one we saw as we entered Lewis Ginter

I am looking up at this lily.  I had no idea they got this tall.

A giant Praying Mantis.  I look forward to seeing them every year and so do the girls.

Putting this together together with Legos, amazing.

Squirrels and birds - so cute!

Ducklings by the water

I used one of these while taking the woodland path.  I like the idea of this.  If you click on the picture it will enlarge to read the sign.

Beautiful Monarch

Over in the childrens area is a 100 year old Mulberry Tree that children love to climb on.. Adalyn and Genevieve are two of them.

Yes an all lego Eagle.  I am amazed and so are the girls.

They didn't want to take time out from the tree climbing to get this shot with the Eagle.

Smile girls!

We purchased a dinner there and took it to the tea house tables to eat.  Not a soul was there until someone said we had the right idea and they along with others brought their lunch here too.  It was shady and next to the water.

As we were leaving, the girls always want to roll down this hill.  They did, needless to say, a shower right away when we got home.  They both complained of itching and had dried grass on them.   They knew this but it's worth it to roll down the hill anyway.

This would have given me a head ache.  They look forward to this.  I got a feeling they will be doing it when they are 20, just for old times sake.

One thing we did miss seeing was the Hummingbird.  It was so hot and MUGGY, we decided we would save that for another visit.
Good Evening Everyone.


  1. Betsy, those legos are amazing. Jake used to play a lot with his and we would all make little things. Nothing like you got to see though. That lily is so gorgeous. Thanks for your visit. I am pleased with the zinnias but would like to see one dried the right way, they must be prettier..Happy Tuesday..xxoJudy

  2. What a great visit. The lego was amazing and it was a delight to see the girls rolling down the hill, such fun. They are certainly going to have so many wonderful memories of your outings.

  3. Such lovely displays of lego animals and flowers, Betsy. Your grands are having the best time with you all! Lewis Ginter is a treasure for sure. It's so nice you go there often. I never seem to have the time these days.

  4. This is very unique. I love the displays. This is a great place for children.

    1. Wonderful place for the children to run and play. I like the gift shop here too.

  5. What a fun place! I love seeing all of those neat creations. At first, it's almost hard to see they are actually made out of Legos! I'm sure it really inspires the girls to get out their Legos and be creative.

    Thank you for sharing this fun day! What a wonderful memory this is for all of you!!! :)

    Blessings! Net

  6. You must have had a great time with your sweet family. I love these photos! I am way overdue for a trip back to Lewis Ginter, I really do love it there. Thanks Betsy and have a great weekend :)

  7. Thank you Denise, I am so glad you enjoyed the photos. Have a great week end Denise.


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