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Monday, August 1, 2011

Last of Petersburg Post

Nice plantings in front of the parking lot .   Flowers and boxwood among other shrubs are beautifying the city, makes for a pleasant stroll on such a hot day.   Don't mind the heat,  it's like a step back in time.

This 1839 Exchange building now the Siege Museum, gives some understanding of what life was like  in Petersburg  before, during and right after the civil war. 
The 10 month siege of Petersburg ( June 1864 - April 1865) was the longest period of time an American city has been under a Military siege. 

for a split second I thought that was a real person in the window of this antique store

Lots of antiques everywhere
very old cobblestone streets
You can see the nice window boxes over flowing with greenery. 

Steve and I ate here at the Hiram Haines coffee House.    From history printed on the flip side of the menu says it was  a hotel in 1814 -operated by  a French immigrant and his wife.  In 1829 Hiram Haines a poet and editor , his wife Mary, a childhood playmate of Edgar Poe took over the business.  Hiram and Poe became friends when Poe moved to Richmond to edit the Southern Literary Messenger.    1836 Poe married his cousin, Virginia Clemm..    There are rooms upstairs that is said the couple stayed in for two weeks on their honeymoon before Poe and his wife returned to Richmond.     
The coffee is served in a coffee press,  nice touch.   I had the Hiram Haines Ravenburger, very tasty chopped beef with flavorings.    My husband had the Poe Panini,  he will order that again.  Thalhimers cake is also on the dessert list,  my favorite.

I purchased a raven of course in the shop adjacent to the coffee house,  called Rivers Edge
We had an Elvis sighting!     Love it
-----------------------------------------------------------------There are so many fine homes ,  quite a few I saw this day in process of being refurbished, the one next door to this house is awful the way the roof has caved

Love this place,  sort of French Quarter like. 
here is a home on the street with a little creek running under it.  Would be nice to sit in the evening listening to the water trickle underneath.
another balcony of iron work

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  1. Thanks for this excellent virtual tour! One day I would love to visit these historical places. American history is fascinating!

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