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Monday, August 29, 2011

Visit to the Berry farm and a Barn

Once  a strawberry farm .   I took my kids  here to ride the hay wagon to the field , get out, pick berries then ride back to weigh them for purchase.  We always loved getting their homemade doughnuts afterward, or roast hot dogs on the fire pit.
The strawberries aren't being grown  anymore because of disease that took them out.  Ponds and landscaping is what they do now.  A beautiful Christmas shop that I love to visit here and I will post pictures  of their decorations when the season starts.
Here are a few pics of the landscape. My sister Donna, her daughter Amy and son Alex and I took a look around the area together.
The picture of this barn can be rented for Weddings etc.    Barns are popular today for marriages  and it's not easy  to find one.   The one on the farm is for rent and I must say that I think it is beautiful and perfect for a wedding.

adjacent to barn is a covered area
for entertaining and such .  Makes a great wedding reception area.

I like the color of the wood and would love to have a piece to make a picture frame.  Not gonna happen though.

nearby is a waterwheel

The farm can design some beautiful gardens

aah,  so lovely
Blurry,  but I must say I like the way it looks
Amy ,  Her mom Donna and brother Alex
Amy a photographer , her site here She just finished college at JMU and now on to Nashville.   Way to go Amy

Lovely grounds and was such a nice day to take in the beauty of the surroundings.  Cascading petunias, potato vine , etc growing on the roof of structures.  I need to know how this is done.  I love the look.

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  1. What a beautiful place! I love the plants growing on the roof, too, I wonder how they do it? Gorgeous setting for a wedding, I bet they are very busy with events. Lovely!


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