Saturday, November 26, 2022

Thanksgiving at home

Thanksgiving at home with grandgirls and their mom and dad was so enjoyable as we used nice paper plates and sit anywhere that was comfortable.   Which was around the table although there trays out just in case

Miranda brought some beautiful flowers

close up of my tree decorated for Fall

Later in the evening I had the girls make snow man hats or Christmas hats and they had a great time doing so.
Downstairs in den, playroom or lounge.  I call it comfortable. 
G.V. showing off her hat.  I have yet to hang my pictures on walls after the painting of the room.  

They both put lights on their hats
Glitter everywhere and so was glue, but it all cleaned up great.  The good times had are what matters the most to me!



  1. You created wonderful memories Betsy. Thank you for sharing them. Fun to see everyone enjoying themselves.

  2. Dearest Betsy,
    You had some memorable family centered days—your Mom's 101st Birthday and then Thanksgiving.
    So those memories are well recorded for later...

    1. Hello Mariette, Do you save all of your post? If so, where and how? I need to put mine somewhere to look at later if and when I decide not to blog anymore. I guess put the post in a folder?

  3. Hi Betsy. It is so much fun to share the holidays with our kids, no matter how old they get, or us for that matter. Looks like fun making the hats..Hope you are all well and had a great Thanksgiving..xxoJudy


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