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Monday, August 12, 2019

Monday Monday

as the song goes.
Sitting here drinking coffee and getting ready to start chores for the day.  Would rather sit here all day and drink coffee.

Some bloomers still looking good.  Had to bring some inside to have something pretty to see coming down the stairs.

I planted a variety of zinnias this year.  I can't say that one is any prettier than the other.  They are all different.

Cardinal flower vine has just about taken over the lamp post.

Not looking particularly pretty but still some color.  Coleus I picked and put in the ground around the dogwood tree and they rooted.  Easiest plants to root.

Show offs.

Little blurry as the wind was moving it.  I didn't take time with camera settings.

Happy Monday


  1. Beautiful flowers. I missed my garden this yr. I did not plant anything that would bloom like I usually do. But there were those few that came up since they are annuals. I love just sitting and drinking my coffee before chores....looks like a great place to sit and enjoy.

  2. Happy Monday to you, Betsy. Your zinnias look great! I've always had them here, but not this year. The seeds I have saved from year to year did not germinate this year. You have lovely views this morning. Hopefully we will be getting some much needed rain soon. It is so dry here.

  3. Love the beautiful flowers. This year we did the landscaping. Next year I'll plant more annual.

  4. Dearest Betsy,
    Your Zinnias are a great show and on and on they are so giving!
    We only had them at our previous home in Dublin, GA but no longer here.
    As for color, you got it and can really enjoy it. Sure when you take photos you have it all together and when walking outside you have to look for it and find the different spots.
    Sending you hugs,


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