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Saturday, August 31, 2019

Saturday post

Such a hot one today.  I didn't get out early enough to get much yard work done.  It was in the high 90's here and muggy.
Every thing will dry completely up if I don't water once a day and some things need it twice. 
The flowers below in the lady vase, as I call it, are dried.  My sister brought them to me from Maine early this year.  I sprayed some floral blue and purple spray on them to color. 

She is on a pedestal at the front entrance for now.

Just outside the front door is the zinnia that decided to put out roots while it was in a vase with water.  I didn't know they rooted this way.  Well I put the first one in this pot and it's still looking good after a few weeks.

Around to the back the only thing that seems to grow like a weed and needs some severe cutting back is the Pampas  grass.  The leaves are striped and it gets very tall.

Two more zinnias rooted while in the vase.   These I put in the pot by themselves.

This one is a greenish color.

So far they look pretty good and they will bloom until frost here, so I have a time to enjoy them

A rose I picked today

French Tarragon is looking good.  I picked some fresh for chicken salad.  Pecans or walnuts go in my chicken salad also.   

Chopped green apple or dried cranberries.  This time it was the cranberries along with the pecans.

Steve likes his salad with only pecans and always has soup.

Zinnia, Herons Pirouette as it's called begonia and the rose I picked earlier brighten my kitchen window.
 Good week end to all


Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Betsy,
You are really enjoying the zinnias in vases!
They're obviously easy to root while in a vase.
Enjoy the bounty of fresh flowers as long as you can.

Angela said...

Your new banner looks great with all the flower photos! Your windows looks lovely! It's always to bring a bit of nature indoors! I haven't planted Zinnias in a long time, maybe next year! How do you make your chicken salad? That sandwich looks great!

Betsy said...

Thank you Angela. I usually bake my chicken breast and then make the salad but we always keep Tyson Chicken breast in the can on hand for a quick sandwich lunch and that is what I used. I like to have the baked taste better but not this day. I just added Mayo, pepper, chopped tarragon, chopped pecans and to mine I added dried cranberries. I must say we both enjoyed it.
Happy week ahead to you

Pam said...

That is funny about the Zinnia cause I had hydraegas do that and like you, I did not know they would do that. I need to get them moved to some dirt, baby them through the winter and keep them covered in hopes they come back next season.

Betsy said...

I have never had a hydrangea do that. That's new. Yes, get them in good dirt in a pot. I hope you show us when spring comes how they are doing.
Happy week ahead

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Betsy, I am finding out that I am not really a summer person. At the beginning it is just fun and fine but 3-4 months of it is way too much! I didn't know the zinnias would root in water. I will have to pay more attention. Your chicken salad sounds wonderful. I only put grapes in mine and that doesn't seem half as good as yours does. I will jot down your selections. Do you not put lettuce in? Stay cool and enjoy the coming of fall..Happy Tuesday and thanks for your visit..xxoJudy