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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Happy Wednesday

The days are starting to feel and sound like Autumn is close.  Not wishing my life away though.  I want to enjoy every day as I have it.  Time seems to move faster the older I get.

I purchased planting bags this year and put in potatoes.  First time for me.  I will do it again next year in the soil directly in the ground and see how it goes.  Didn't get a terrible lot, and probably dug too early, but enjoyed what I got.

Late at night I work on this diamond painting.  It's fun and relaxing but a little hard on the eyes after a while.  Look forward to finishing it.

After a while, the numbers and symbols for the little beads start looking alike.

Hope to finish the Lavender Cottage (girls decided to name it that) and show the pictures of the inside later or tomorrow, depending on how much I get done.  I finished all I am going to do except for caulk and today I am painting the floor with a floor paint.
Good day to all


  1. The Lavender Cottage is beautiful! The girls are going to have many happy hours in their playhouse. I planted some potatoes this spring just for fun. I got no potatoes--congratulations on your harvest. I'm not familiar with diamond painting. I need to check it out. Time is flying--I so agree!

  2. Last year we purchased potting bags those are very handy. I love your diamond painting, but it is very hard . You have patience!

    1. I like working on the painting as it relaxes me. It's getting harder to see the symbols and wish the manufacturers would make more distinct ones. Some look almost alike.

  3. You've certainly been busy! The beadwork is impressive.

  4. Betsy, it is starting to feel like autumn. Still pretty hot but with every breeze the leaves are falling. I hadn't seen or heard about the diamond painting. It looks very involved but really beautiful. The Lavender Cottage looks like a place I would like to be..Happy Thursday..xxoJudy

  5. Dearest Betsy,
    Hah, the Cabin's owner where we stayed in Tennessee also had potatoes that she and her son planted in a bag. Sounds really like practical in a way.
    Are those tiny beads what you are doing? That must be very hard on your eyes and our eyes are not young any more...
    Lovely post and yes, we're sliding out of summer soon!

    1. I hope the Tennessee potatoes were more than what I got. I am going to do it again next year and plant them earlier in the bags.
      Yes, they are tiny beads and I am working on them way to long a time and probably why my neck and head hurts in the morning. I am using magnifying glasses and I do believe there won't be another diamond painting.
      Hugs to you Mariette

  6. Betsy,
    Thanks so much for stopping by!! That painting is absolutely amazing!! I do not know how you do it , I would loose my eyesight!! And I can not wait to see Lavendar cottage!! Today is the last day of my employment! As of tomorrow, I am officially retired!!!


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