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Thursday, August 22, 2019

At home

Shadows look different these days that are cast in the yard.  September will be here before ya know it.

I hope it's o.k. to trim boxwoods now, because mine need it.

My cypress vine is supposed to be pink, white and red.  So far I only see pink and red.

Last night,  a little past 8 p.m. we had a storm coming and the sky (even though a little blurry) was so pretty.

Took the girls for a visit to my sister's house.

Inside her dining room she used a rose garland to run the cord from the chandy to the ceiling.  I like the roses and they are her favorite flower too.

Back out to put down some pea gravel in front of the girls playhouse

Hope all are staying cool in this muggy heat, well it's muggy here anyway.


  1. Hi Betsy. Wow, that sky is pretty. Did the storm come in? I love what your sister did with the light cord. I don't know anything about trimming boxwoods. I only know that you are supposed to trim bushes that flower right after they are through blooming. Well, old Gerald Sissorhands, has been at it again and trimmed the camellia bush just now, so I guess I won't have bloooms again next spring. Thanks for your visit. I feel that I had pretty good luck with the Santa, but my others not so much. I love that kind of Santa too and am looking for another pattern to do..Happy Thursday..xxoJudy

  2. Betsy,
    Love the rose garland hiding the chain on the chandy that your sister has. So Pretty!!We just has storms go through and they are supposed to be bringing a cold front in. We are supposed to have low's in the low 50's and high's in the 70's....The cold wave as they are calling it, is supposed to last for the next 5 days.... I can't wait!!

  3. You should be okay to trim your bushes now. I do know that it is not really doable to plant trees adn bushes so much in the summer months but it is suppose to be okay with any month that has an R in it. I love your vine, mine only has the red on them. This is my first yr to have it. Love it.

  4. The sky us so pretty! I love the rose garland and did she make it herself? September is a great time to prune your bushes. It’s funny how plants have a mi d of their own!

  5. Beautiful cypress! I don't believe I have ever seen this plant before. I wonder if they grow around here in ND. I got an Ammi Dara and it was supposed to be a light pink and it turned out the color of dark red wine. :) Your yard looks so beautiful. I like the rose detail at your sister's house. Have a great weekend!

  6. The rose garland is so pretty, what a clever way to decorate. Looks like you and the girls had fun at your sister's house.

  7. I love your sister's front porch with your grands, Betsy. The sky photo is so pretty if not ominous! We've had some fierce storms lately, but the rain that fell is a blessing. I'm not familiar with the cypress vine--how pretty.


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