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Sunday, August 11, 2019

Back at the Brick house

Inside we go to take a tour of Bacon's Castle.  Greeted by a large stained glass of Nathaniel Bacon.

Born 1647 in England.  He and his wife moved to Virginia in 1674. He died in 1676.  He was a relative of both the Governor- Sir William Berkeley and his wife - Frances Culpeper Stephens Berkeley.
For more info. cut and paste address...  Very interesting timeline here.

Yes indeed, I had to get a closeup of this chandelier.  I like the  champagne color and it looks to be feathers in the center.   

Don't know who she is... I just like the picture.

Upstairs and there were quite a few steps here
Looking down as we go

Bed chamber with the key for tightening the ropes that support the mattress.  Night night sleep tight.

One of the upstairs  bedrooms

Under layers of paint - this writing is found and the date looks to be Sept. 20, 1880?  Can't read it too well.

Not sure if you can read it any better by me inverting it.  Someone is sick.

another upstairs room

I so like the heavy chairs with the carvings and the crown here at the top of this one

Lot's of work weaving, cooking over a hot fire, laundry.   No time to dawdle I'm sure.

Original floors here.

Basement kitchen

Onion bottles

Wine barrels

back up

This picture shows the brickwork and the beams.  Looks like a peg in the beam, not sure though.

It was 1665 and Arthur Allen was 57 years old when he built this grand home in Virginia.
He didn't live long to enjoy his time here.  He died in 1669.

Short clip inside 

That's all for right now.
Good day all.
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  1. Betsy,
    Thanks so much for taking us all along and giving us the tour!! I LOVE that sweet chandy!!

  2. Hi Betsy. I always look at these old houses and, what I imagine went on in them, through a romantic eye. But, I'm sure it was anything but. I can't imagine having to scrub those brick floors and how cold and smoky they were. But that was all that was known back then so they managed. Thanks for taking us along and thanks for your visit. It is a sad time and we have to do better..Happy Weekend..xxoJudy

  3. Unusual chandelier and beautiful chairs. The poor servants. Can’t imagine standing on that uneven brick floor all day!

  4. Betsy, it's sad to say but we've never visited Bacon's Castle. We often ride the ferry over at Jamestown and just return the same way. We used to visit the Surrey House there for lunch. I looked at all of your great photos and now am quite intrigued to visit. I really liked the garden. You can really see the Tidewater soil. I really liked the basement kitchen. The floors would be a little rough, though. It looks like you had a great visit. Thank you for sharing your lovely tour.

  5. Thanks a lot Betsy for taking us inside this historical home. I always love to visit this kind of home.


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