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Saturday, July 20, 2019

Happy Saturday

Another lovely hot day.  It's  July the hottest month and summer, bound to be hot.
High supposed to reach 98 degrees F. and feels it already.  Heat index to feel like 107 degrees.
Last Sunday we took a ride to Gordonsville, a little town in Orange county Va. I have posted about  this place before but that was in the fall and now in the summer, the shops have some pretty flowers out in pots.
Sweet shops in the town and some were open.  We mostly just window shopped except for a vintage shop across the street from Barbeque exchange, where we ate some great barbeque.

Shops on our walk in town.   A few anyway, too hot to walk too far.  Stokes has some beautiful iron work.

The shop keepers must constantly water as the plants are look lush and green.

I purchased these two watercolor botanicals from the vintage shop across from barbeque restaurant.  I don't even recall the name of the place.  It had so much stuff sitting around and it's changed hands a couple times.
Anyhow here are the two pictures that are nicely framed.  I believe it was $3.00 a piece I paid, not entirely sure as my husband took them to the counter to pay for them.  Begrudgingly I must say. He didn't like the glass on them he said, too shiny.  Well I like them and I will hang them somewhere, maybe dining room.
These paintings are by Coral Guest. A botanical artist, teacher and author.

On the back of the framed watercolor is the description

The next one is a little fuzzy.  Hard getting a good shot with this glass.  Steve is right.  Maybe I could fine non glare glass.  Hate to unframe it though.

Hope you can read about the pink rose here.  Blurry I know.

I am happy I found them as I love roses.

A close up at my gladiolus .


  1. Gordonsville is a charming little town! I love the pretty flowers in front of the shop. You are right they must constantly water during these oppressive July days! Your prints are so nice. I especially like the Queen Elizabeth one. My daughter and I used to have one in our rose garden that we planted when she was little. Unfortunately too much shade didn't make for a great place for roses. I'm sure you could have a non glare glass cut for your prints. Have a lovely Sunday.

  2. Betsy, what a lovely town. All that brick and the greenery is just beautiful. Our little town has pretty flowers outside shops and most of the shops also paint they windows throughout the year too, so I like all that. Our town isn't as pretty as the buildings all look pretty much like out buildings in an old mining town. Thanks for your visit. I love peach pie too and nectarines, but I found the nectarine pie kind of tart and the texture wasn't as creamy as the peach. Can't wait to get a "real" peach pie..Happy Monday..xxoJudy

  3. Betsy, me again. I forgot to mention that you will see my post Tuesday as to how the zinnia drying came out. I wonder if they are more fine looking when done with the silica gel or the sand? Mine tickle me, but they are kind of wierd..xxoJudy

  4. What a lovely town for a visit, the plants were a feast for the eyes. Great find, love both the pictures and a bargain price.

  5. What a beautiful town. I love how the plants are on the streets.

  6. Beautiful town!! Look at that sidewalk how lovely it is! It looks so clean and the flowers and all the plants are so well taken care. I would have loved to been there. I believe you got a bargain for the art you bought.

  7. Yes, Angela the town is very clean and the planters and plants always look so well cared for. Lots of sweet shops like the Alpaca shop and some other vintage type shops. The are I believe I got a great price for also. The framing is wonderful and I looked her up and this is what I found and do believe this is her
    You have a good day


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