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Saturday, April 27, 2019

Happy Saturday

Still setting up and transferring to new computer but I think I can post o.k. on my Chrome Book.  Never have before.  I couldn't get it to work right, but seems to work now, don't know why.
Out in the yard the past few weeks and it shows on me.  I kinda wore the wrong shoes, oh heck I really had too much weight in the wagon with dirt and the front of my foot at the ankles are swollen and hurt. 

Looking out the downstairs window earlier in the day.

I started early tilling soil around the azaleas and in front of some Iris's there I will plant my zinnias.  Cant ever go wrong with zinnias.

Fringe tree or Grand daddy's beard as Mom always calls it.  It has scented the yard with the sweet fragrance. 

Looking out now towards the side gate

I found an azalea that must be growing from a root of the larger one.  I will move that somewhere, not sure where though.
The leaves have protected it.  

Hopefully be back on my PC soon. 


  1. Your yard looks so pretty, like a framed painting through the window. I love the purple shed! The honeysuckle is just beginning to bloom here and the scent is in the air all over the yard. I haven’t heard of the fringe tree before.

    1. Thank you Cynthia. The purple shed needs me back to start putting some touches on the inside.
      Happy Sunday

  2. Betsy,
    Your yard is looking lovely!! LOVE that purple shed!!!! Take it easy on that joint replacement knee of yours!!

  3. Oh the presence of flowers makes everything a bit more sweeter!! Your garden looks lovely, very green and blooming!! We have all snow melted now but today it's a bit cold and it will rain and maybe some snow tomorrow! Thanks for the lovely photos to warm my heart!!

    1. Oh no, snow! When is that going to be over? Hope you are going to see warmer and sunnier days very soon.

  4. Dearest Betsy,
    Wow, your garden is the best showcase for color right now. Enjoy your azaleas and yes, the sweet fragrance of the white man's beard is lovely.
    When we biked last week, I could smell the sweetness of blooming Ligustrum!
    Hope to soon find time again for a bike ride. So much to catch up on this week, laundry, ironing and cleaning.
    Next I have to practice my songs + dances for our May 18 Revue at the theatre.
    Life is going way too fast! Oh, I also did drive 162 miles on Thursday for picking up our 45 Lantana New Gold in 4" x 4" pots in trays of 15. Those are already in our planter boxes along the bay window, veranda and retainer wall of driveway. Hope these will survive!
    The heat has killed our beautiful white Verbenas before... We have planted so many plants in there and it is quite a task.
    Good luck with all your garden chores.

    1. Hello Mariette,
      I just looked up to see what ligustrum was as I am not familiar with it. Now I see it, I want some. Beautiful!
      You are so right. Life is going way too fast. It's already May at the door.
      I hope your Ligustrum survives and see a picture. I need to catch up with blog posts, I am not too keen on using the chrome book and I don't even wanna know how to blog from a mobile.
      Happy Monday to you, well actually this day is about gone. Times flying by.

    2. Betsy, you mean our Lantanta New Gold survive. The Ligustrum we have is over 20 years old and HUGE! 💚

  5. Betsy, your azeleas are always so beautiful and I agree about zinnias. They make such pretty cut flowers. I'm hoping to get some planted this time. I am a little late so will wish you Happy Monday..xxoJudy

  6. oh dear! plants are in full bloom.


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