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Saturday, March 9, 2019

Happy Saturday

Overcast but not raining, so that's a good thing.
I have sunshine in my dining room.  The Forsythias bloomed and are so pretty.

New tablecloth that I know needs ironing but I will do that when I iron my sheets today.

Baby Beau in highchair.  Genevieve's little doll.  I found the high chair at "Through the Garden Gate" in Mechanicsville where we are going shortly to their Spring Sale.

Great book that I just purchased.  It's been out several years.  So interesting.   Carole Lombard and the crash into Mt. Potosi in Nevada.   I have just started it and find it hard to put down.   I love reading about hollywood in the very early years.   Gloria Swanson, Jean Harlow, Clarke Gable, Marilyn Monroe and of course Carole Lombard are some of my favorites.

Well I am off to the sale and back to get more chores done on a somewhat grey Saturday.  Days like this are good for a good read.

Happy Saturday to all


  1. Happy Saturday, Betsy. Your weather seems the same as ours but it is really cold too. I need to be out catching up on the thrift stores. I am really feeling house bound. Cute little high chair. I bet the girls love it. I don't have any spring blooms yet. Yours are beautiful..xxoJudy

  2. Beautiful forsythia! When i was a little girl, i thought it was “For Cynthia”. Looks like an interesting book. I love memoirs.

  3. Your dining room is looking lovely with sunshine blooming on the table. You iron sheets? What a homemaker you are, my friend! Have a happy weekend. xo

  4. I saw daffodils today. Spring is coming!


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