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Thursday, March 21, 2019

What happened to March winds?

Oh well,  good excuse to get some things done inside.

I think I will plant some more seeds in pots.


  1. It's definitely been a soggy day, Betsy! Love the lone chicken--so cute! I think tomorrow we're having those March winds. Hang on to your hat.

  2. We had some March winds the other night and I know that April showers can't be far behind..xxoJudy

  3. Sadly the rain is much the same here. We are going to get going with planting up some seeds today.

    1. Good for you, eventually the weather will be warm.

  4. We are still covered in snow but we are so hopeful of warm days ahead. I bought a small pocket of swish chard..want to try to start it indoors. Wishing you lots of sunshine!!

    1. My heavens, I know you are so ready for Spring. I have yet to eat swiss chard, I must try.


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