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Friday, September 29, 2017

Ginter and butterfly visit

Annette and Genevieve took a short drive with us to see what the butterflys were about at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens last week.    Hand in hand to the entrance.

On their way and me coming up in the rear as always.  It was hot day for sure.
 I see what must be a crawly bug as Genevieve calls them - she is eyeing.  If not careful she will pick it up.  She loves bugs

Making my way to the butterflies but taking my time as I love seeing what is growing this time of year.

Yes,  I took a seat in the butterfly chair to take in the surroundings.

Reflecting pool with large lilly pads at the entrance.

Genevieve was especially fond of this butterfly because of the beautiful blue color on the outside of the wings.

Called the Forest Blue Morph... Mexico and Central South America. 
Because of large size and tendency to fly at night,  these butterflies are often mistaken for bats.

Forest Blue Morph

Didn't  get all of the names or where most of them were from.  Majority from tropical areas. The room was misted often and it was rather warm, a little much for me and I was ready to leave.

This one is called Paper Kite butterfly
Paper kites have a slow, gliding flight and are easy to catch.  Birds do not like the taste of the toxins in their bodies.  Thailand to Malaysia.

Genevieve with her magnifying glass.

Genevieve checking out butterflies with magnifier. 
few more pictures to share later.

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  1. What an amazing place to visit, it as a joy to see the variety of butterflies and some of the wonderful vegetation.


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