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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Watching the fog lift off Peters Mountain

Today early with the drizzle got me thinking about the morning two weeks ago at my daughters house where I got up very early and watched the fog lift off Peters Mountain in West Virginia.   
Hot cup of coffee and porch swing felt great at 6:00 a.m. 
Every morning is like this I am told

A cement dalmation and cement pot Annette and John rescued from the side of the road and painted.

John hollowoed out a tree and planted flowers 


getter brighter  as I sit 

Annette got rid of all of her chickens - but this is her neighbor's chicken who makes her way every morning to the hen house still on the property and leaves fresh eggs.  She just likes their hen house better I guess.

A ride around the Peterstown area and a home with this frog made from tires in their field

Neat idea -  Good Morning to everyone


  1. A cup of hot coffee looking out on a misty morning, idyllic! Great photos Sandy!

  2. Great idea indeed. e have a whole host of old tyres in the outbuilding.

  3. Hi Betsy. We lived in fog 24/7 it seemed like to me when we lived in Santa Cruz. But, I would enjoy it just in the morning and be able to see it rise away. That is what W. Virginia seems like to me. So pretty. Love the chicken story. What a funny little thing to take advantage of the neighbor's hen house. That would be the kind of chicken I would like. Hope you are having a good weekend..xoJudy

  4. What lovely photos of the fog at your daughter's home, Betsy. It gives a mysterious look about it. I love that the hen gifts her eggs to your daughter! That's funny and a generous hen to have as a neighbor. ♥

  5. This is the best weather to sit with a mug of hot coffee with a throw blanket and doing nothing.. :)

    we are roasting in 112 F

  6. Someone made a frog like that in Toms Brook, VA. I love that dalmatian!

  7. Great pictures. It is foggy like that here allot. It is really pretty to watch it lift. Those chickens do love my chicken coop. Especially that one. Yesterday when she came over for a visit so left me two eggs.

    hope you post some more soon

  8. she is a sweet hen. how many chickens come over? If many, I guess we will be eating some good cakes made with those eggs. Love ya -mom


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