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Saturday, November 4, 2017

just a tid bit

I know Halloween is over and I meant to post this picture before but didn't  upload in time.   I think this is just a cute idea I saw while having lunch in Aunt Sarah's pancake house a few days before Halloween.
A giant spider web made from orange mini lights. 
The fall arrangement on top is so cute also.

Oh yes, cousin John's fried chicken is delicious.  Need to get their breading.

Steve had pancakes and eggs for lunch

til next time


  1. Wow! that's an excellent idea!!

  2. Boy does that fried chicken look good, Betsy! Cute spider decor.
    As soon as I saw your header I recognized it to be in Richmond. My husband's uncle worked there years ago as well.
    Have nice weekend. ♥

  3. Cute idea for Halloween decorations.... I have never seen that one before...

    I'm with your hubby.. I'd love breakfast most any time of day... YUM.


  4. That is cute, Betsy, and breakfast looks good. I love it anytime of the day or night..Happy Sunday..xxoJudy

  5. Love the spider!! I just finished packing away Halloween in the Dining on to Christmas!!!

  6. Adalyn and Genevieve were so cute for Holloween. I know they really enjoyed it.

    I have been looking at everything you have been posting. I really enjoy looking at it. so pretty.


  7. I have been enjoying everything that you have posted. It is so pretty. I cannot get over how cute the girls looked on Halloween.



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