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Sunday, October 29, 2017

A few goblins

Not long before the Bewitching hour and the girls are getting excited. I loved Halloween when I was a child and glad to see they do too.   Steve took Genevieve to pick up a pumpkin from Ashwood Gardens not far from us and came back with 5 and some mulch that Genevieve said we needed.  She will use any excuse to ride in the truck.
Foxy boots for the ride

I put up another wreath with a sparkly pumpkin

Happy goblin - Adalyn loves Halloween and has been talking about it for  a month now.

Another happy goblin,  Genevieve

She thinks she is looking scary

A few mums I planted two years ago from ones purchased in pots.  Still looking good.

Time for chicken and home made flat dumplings.  Comfort food Steve and I both love.  Girls loved it too.

Adalyn and Genevieve being not so scary


  1. So cute!! yesterday we also picked up pumpkin... tomorrow we are going to carve it..

    1. Will probably carve one of these today too.

  2. I was so scared watching those two little cuties.

  3. Your grand girlies are having so much fun! I love the innocence of a child---there is nothing better. Your front porch looks so lovely for fall. ♥

  4. Oh my goodness Betsy, that is so funny that Steve came back with 5 pumpkins and mulch!! Love it! Sounds like she has someone wrapped around her little finger! :) The girls look adorable posing with the witch's hat. You and Steve are such wonderful grandparents!

  5. Well, the surprise pumpkins were just what your front stoop needed for Halloween,I think. Those are the cutest pink rainboots ever on your adorable little witch.


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